[Nix-dev] Pulseaudio broken in 14.12: Daemon already running

Michael Raskin 7c6f434c at mail.ru
Tue Jan 27 09:57:48 CET 2015

>> From what I understand, there's no way to use `startx' with systemd.
>There might be some NixOS-specific issues here, I’m not sure. But in
>general there _is_ a way: you just login on the text console and run

No. There are NixOS-specific issues and NixOS-specific 
fixes/workarounds; but after a systemd update it became broken. There
is a EPERM line for an ioctl for tty when strace-ing X started from
root login session. 

see also:

My recommendation would be to somehow patch your display manager to
manage your screen only on request, rather then trying to avoid
a display manager at all.
There's a fundamental contradiction in creating "forked off" sessions like
this: the whole audit system is written in a way that session ids can
only change from "unset" to "set" but not from "set" to "set to
something else".

>> That's my preference, but I don't know how to configure NixOS to allow
>> that.  For DMs, I've tried both slim and lightdm.  I have the same
>> pulseaudio issues under both.
>My NixOS box has been broken for a few weeks now, so I can’t check,
>but I can’t think of anything in NixOS that could interfere.

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