[Nix-dev] Pulseaudio broken in 14.12: Daemon already running

Kirill Elagin kirelagin at gmail.com
Tue Jan 27 09:36:25 CET 2015

On Mon, Jan 26, 2015 at 6:46 PM, Peter Jones <mlists at pmade.com> wrote:
> From what I understand, there's no way to use `startx' with systemd.

There might be some NixOS-specific issues here, I’m not sure. But in
general there _is_ a way: you just login on the text console and run

> That's my preference, but I don't know how to configure NixOS to allow
> that.  For DMs, I've tried both slim and lightdm.  I have the same
> pulseaudio issues under both.

My NixOS box has been broken for a few weeks now, so I can’t check,
but I can’t think of anything in NixOS that could interfere.

>> `loginctl' reports that I have a seat and that my session's terminal is
> 7.  X is also running on VT 7, but it's running as *root*!
> Could X running as root be the problem here?

No, that’s not a problem, that just means that your DM is running as
root, so it launches X as root. But this explains why X has access to
your video card in case there are issues with your session setup.

So was your problem solved by removing `~/.config/pulse/default.pa`?
If no, then the next steps are ensuring that `loginctl seat-status
<your_seat>` lists your sound card as attached to the seat and that
`getfacl /dev/snd/*` shows that your user has rw access.

> $ nixos-version
> 14.12.343.47c741f (Caterpillar)
> $ X -version
> X.Org X Server (1.16.3 RC 1)
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