[Nix-dev] Feedback wanted: how to use buildMaven/mvn2nix

Daniel Barlow dan at telent.net
Wed May 10 18:07:38 CEST 2017

I spent some time persuading mvn2nix and buildMaven to work for me, and
wrote a blog entry with my findings.  It's at


* Aside from the "repeated slashes" bug which I need to dig into and/or
report to the appropriate maintainer, as a non-expert I'd be very grateful
for any and all feedback on how I could be doing this differently or better

* if you are a non-expert too and want to build Mavenized packages in Nix,
perhaps you'd find it useful as-is

I'm more than willing to take a stab at writing something based on it for
the Nixpkgs manual, if people think it'd be useful.  My bigger goal here is
to be able to deploy Clojure apps to servers using Nixops, but my
impression is that the JVM ecosystem doesn't see much Nix crossover right


dan at telent.net
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