[Nix-dev] pulseaudio not reading /etc/pulse/default.pa [Was: pulseaudio broken in 14.12: Daemon already running]

Peter Jones mlists at pmade.com
Mon Jan 26 18:23:38 CET 2015

Peter Jones <mlists at pmade.com> writes:
> Pulseaudio stopped working for me after upgrading to 14.12.  It seems
> that all PA clients start their own server, which eventually fails
> because the pulseaudio daemon is already running.

I believe I've tracked down the root problem.

It appears that if you have a ~/.config/pulse/default.pa file then
pulseaudio will not read /etc/pulse/default.pa.  This wasn't the case in
previous versions.

Even an empty ~/.config/pulse/default.pa file will prevent pulseaudio
from reading the one in /etc and thus it will start with no cards.

Sounds like a bug in pulseaudio.

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