[Nix-dev] postfix - generating alias tables in store and some additional changes

Marc Weber marco-oweber at gmx.de
Mon Jan 26 10:29:21 CET 2015

Is anybody interested in these?


  - use null instead of "" for some options which means don't set option at all
    to make it clearer that the option is unset rather than set to "" which means
    postfix defaults apply
  - use default configuration /etc/postfix/main.cf So that sendmail and postfix
    flush just works and postconf prints correct configuration location and that
    its no longer necessary to pass configuration location
  - remove all the impure ln stuff creating untracked files in the conf directory.
    Instead create .db files in store
    (TOOD: !take care about passwords!)
  - replace options extraAliases, postmaster etc by assertions forcing you to
    think about creating alias table
  - assemble command dir adding links to sgid wrapped applications correctly

  TODO: merge with upstream changes

If so I'll try to clean up and submit a PR.

Marc Weber

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