[Nix-dev] Pulseaudio broken in 14.12: Daemon already running

Kirill Elagin kirelagin at gmail.com
Sat Jan 24 17:06:37 CET 2015

What exactly do you mean by “disabling” pulseaudio?
Do you have a system-wide instance of pulseaudio running (e.g. by setting
`pulseAudio.systemWide = true` in the configuration.nix)? If yes, then do
you have any good reasons for doing so? If no, then disable the system-wide

Normally, there is exactly one instance of pulseaudio per user and it is
spawned automatically (to be precise, it is spawned automatically iff it is
not already running; and most likely your DE starts one during

If you really need system-wide pulseaudio for some reason, then you might
want to go through [Running PulseAudio as System-Wide Daemon](
and let us know what was wrong. Actually I have no idea how well is this
mode supported in NixOS and does anyone even test it…

On Sat Jan 24 2015 at 5:36:45 AM Peter Jones <mlists at pmade.com> wrote:

> Pulseaudio stopped working for me after upgrading to 14.12.  It seems
> that all PA clients start their own server, which eventually fails
> because the pulseaudio daemon is already running.
> For example, if I kill pulseaudio and then start it by hand with -vvv, I
> can see it start correctly and write its PID into a file.  Then, if I
> run anything that needs to access pulse, like speaker-test, alsamixer,
> pavucontrol, etc., I can see in journalctl that another instance of
> pulseaudio is started and then dies with the error "Daemon already
> running".  The client usually dies with "connection refused".
> I've turned off autospawning, and that doesn't change anything.
> Disabling pulseaudio and rebooting gives me sound again.
> Any idea why each client is trying to start their own pulseaudio daemon?
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