[Nix-dev] Pulseaudio broken in 14.12: Daemon already running

Peter Jones mlists at pmade.com
Sat Jan 24 03:36:20 CET 2015

Pulseaudio stopped working for me after upgrading to 14.12.  It seems
that all PA clients start their own server, which eventually fails
because the pulseaudio daemon is already running.

For example, if I kill pulseaudio and then start it by hand with -vvv, I
can see it start correctly and write its PID into a file.  Then, if I
run anything that needs to access pulse, like speaker-test, alsamixer,
pavucontrol, etc., I can see in journalctl that another instance of
pulseaudio is started and then dies with the error "Daemon already
running".  The client usually dies with "connection refused".

I've turned off autospawning, and that doesn't change anything.
Disabling pulseaudio and rebooting gives me sound again.

Any idea why each client is trying to start their own pulseaudio daemon?

Peter Jones, Founder, Devalot.com
Defending the honor of good code

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