[Nix-dev] Funding Hydra Development

stewart mackenzie setori88 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 21 16:57:05 CET 2015

Dear all,

A recent thread regarding contributors brought up a point about
throwing a stack of money at further devlopment and refinement of

Wouldn't it be nice to:
- be able to do as they do in the OpenBSD world by living on master.
When things break the fix comes in quick. No hanging around for days.
Releases are a by product of the world of sw distribution on CDs and DVDs.

- (most importantly) Create a distributed community wide Hydra that
disseminates binaries over something like named data networking.

Might we create an indiegogo campaign? I know NixOS gets limelight on
sites likes hackernews, so I suspect the campaign could well be a

What is your opinion?

Kind regards

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