[Nix-dev] [***SPAM***] Re: Decision Procedures

Michael Raskin 7c6f434c at mail.ru
Mon Jan 19 22:37:32 CET 2015

>> >We did already some helpful steps (travis for PRs, staging and release
>> >branches, ...), but we probably need some more.
>> Travis is not a good fit to us, as it times out all the time. It's
>> a pity.
>> I am not sure initial policies for staging are still in effect...
>For *you*, I pushed a lot of PR thanks to the travis task.

Well, I did merge _some_ PRs due to Travis, and had to read many logs
carefully to make sure these are plain timeouts.

Travis would be quite useful if no-error timeouts could be marked
somehow distinctly from failures.

I tended to take the submitters word on the face value for whether the
build passed --- before Travis...

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