[Nix-dev] haskellng ghc 7.10 attribute name

Carlo Nucera meditans at gmail.com
Mon Jan 19 22:04:41 CET 2015

Hi all,
I'm running nixos unstable, and, to be able to use ghc-mod with the
new cabal 1.22 I decided to switch to ghc 7.10. So, I made the
transition to haskell ng, and changed the attribute names to not need
the old naming conventions.

So, I'm trying to change this line posted by Peter

In an attribute path to use with nixos unstable. However, here's what
I get with my tries:
- with ghcHEAD I get:
attribute ‘haskellngPackages.ghcHEAD.ghcWithPackages’ missing
- with ghc7101 I get:
attribute ‘haskellngPackages.ghc7101.ghcWithPackages’ missing

What should I use in nixos-unstable?
Best Regards

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