[Nix-dev] Decision Procedures (was: PR [member] label)

Michael Raskin 7c6f434c at mail.ru
Mon Jan 19 00:13:56 CET 2015

>Hi Michael,
> > I think we all admit that we have a problem with timely merging of pull
> > requests.
>my impression is that we have a problem with controversial PRs only, because we
>lack any kind of organized procedure for making decisions as a group. We merge
>PRs that no-one objects to quickly, really, but once dissent arises the PR is
>essentially dead in the water unless someone feels real strongly about it and
>(a) pushes it through regardless or (b) works real hard to generate consensus.

I think mass merges when a ton of small updates get merged show that 
some PRs do slip in the cracks.

And the WIP and controversial PRs make it harder to find those ones.

I agree there is a problem with both reaching consensus and not reaching
non-sensical mostly-consensus (of course, different people find 
different decisions nonsensical). But there is no cheap and easy fix 

I'd say whenever two solutions can coexist in NixPkgs without breaking
everything, I am all for them coexisting and everyone picking one 
(I don't care about default kernel because all reasonable options are
available). Unfortunately, this is not always possible from the 
technical point of view; and some people object to some of these
cop-outs even when they are cheap.`

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