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Mikey Ariel mikeymay972 at gmail.com
Sun Jan 18 23:37:58 CET 2015

Some projects have committer sponsorships, where new committers are taken under the wings of long-term members (i.e. Contributors of 3 or more merged PRs) so that they can be trained on the project standards and conventions and have a better chance of getting their PR merged. 

I'll be happy to help draft/improve PR guidelines, we can chat about it during FOSDEM downtime ;-)

> On 18 Jan 2015, at 23:02, Michael Raskin <7c6f434c at mail.ru> wrote:
> I propose to add a [member] label to PR labels. This label is to be
> applied to pull requests that are created by the project committers.
> Rationale: it is a good idea to look at long-standing non-member PRs.
> And ideally "long-standing" means "half a week".
> 1. I think we all admit that we have a problem with timely merging of 
> pull requests.
> 2. I hope we all agree that we want to attract new committers.
> A first-time contributor feeling ignored often has no idea what are the
> chances to get the PR merged or even to get any feedback. There are
> times when negative feedback is the best reaction; but lack of feedback
> to the first-time PR submitter is never something we _want_, it just
> happens. 
> If a long-time member creates a PR, it is a clear signal that quick
> merge is not seeked; there is a discussion to be had, and if there are 
> no opinons, merging own PRs is always an option.
> If a fresh committer creates a PR, quick merge may be or may not be
> a desired outcome; but anyway there is some confidence and some
> understanding about whom to ping and some other small fixes can be
> pushed in the meantime.
> To solve this problem some of the project members try to look at PRs and
> merge as much as possible. To make this as straightforward as possible
> we should have a label to filter out PRs not intended for speedy
> reaction. I think [member] label is a good approximation. It can be 
> applied without thinking, it is convenient to filter by -label:member, 
> I hoped there is a way to just write something like 
> -author:in-team:nixpkgs-committers, but apparently Github doesn't have
> this and we need to emulate this manually.
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