[Nix-dev] Again: Why don't these people have commit access

Michael Raskin 7c6f434c at mail.ru
Sun Jan 18 18:27:34 CET 2015

>While I don't mind that we expand the number of people with commit access,
>I firmly oppose doing changes directly on master, any change should first
>be a PR. If there're more people who can close a PR, those PRs will be open
>for a shorter amount of time.

Many people come and say that. The sad truth is that we lack the 
resources to do development like that. Whatever the benefits of this
approach, we cannot afford the costs.

The low observed rate of PR merges means that we need people who do many
correct small updates to perform them directly on master for the project
to be able to actually accomplish something except the trivial updates.

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