[Nix-dev] Supported Darwin versions

John Wiegley johnw at newartisans.com
Mon Jan 5 04:25:38 CET 2015


I'm setting up a test bed for the upcoming Darwin patches, which led me to
want a solution which can work for as many versions of Darwin as we wish to

Which leads me to the question: How many versions of Darwin do we wish to

Here are the results of running "curl https://nixos.org/nix/install | sh"
right now on various versions:

 10.6  sorry, there is no binary distribution of Nix for your platform
 10.7  segmentation fault
 10.8  error: the group ‘nixbld’ specified in ‘build-users-group’ does not exist

Each VM I'm using is a virgin install + updates + Xcode + CLI tools, nothing

Is 10.9 our lowest target now, or should I open new issues for these last two


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