[Nix-dev] less: When assumptions ruin the world

Luke Clifton ltclifton at gmail.com
Fri Jan 2 15:21:43 CET 2015

Forgot the list...

> On 02/01/2015 9:36 am, "Ertugrul Söylemez" <ertesx at gmx.de> wrote:
> > Feature request 1:  Please do your part in saving the software world and
> > remove this anti-feature.  Don't even consider making it optional.  It's
> > useless.  Remove it.  In the future, whenever you think that some
> > UX-related automation will make things easier, think again.  You are
> > most likely wrong.  Just look at the huge damage that Microsoft has done
> > by assuming that users are complete idiots.
> >
> > Feature request 2:  Also I strongly believe that `--help` should
> > absolutely never open a man-page.  When we need a manual, we will use
> > the `man` command, but in most cases we just need a quick reminder of
> > what that one option was called that we're failing to recall, so I would
> > much prefer the original purpose of the `--help` option:  Print a short
> > summary to the terminal.
> > I hope that some people agree with me, and if yes, I will turn these
> > into actual feature requests on Github.  I'm also happy to help with
> > implementing the latter one, because writing a good `--help` system for
> > commands with subcommands is not necessarily easy.
> I agree with your sentiment on both points.
> Luke
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