[Nix-dev] nixos-rebuild without Internet

Maximilian Bosch maximilian at mbosch.me
Sun Jun 25 00:52:52 CEST 2017

Hey guys,

I'm using a NixOS setup on my developer machine. For WLAN networks I use
the `networking.wireless` option as it allows me a declarative/reproducible
setup of the networks I use on a daily basis.

Unfortunately I'm facing from time to time the following issue: whenever I
try to add a new network (and no connection is available ATM) I have a
problem running `nixos-rebuild` as the rebuild usually causes a lot of
other operations and some of them require a connection to the internet
(e.g. for [re]downloads).

However this is quite bad when I need a new network, but the rebuild fails.
I currently solve it using several tricks, but in the end I'd like to now
if there's some kind of tool to do a "partial-rebuild" on a NixOS machine
(although it might break the reproducability as the expressions wouln'dt be
100%-deterministic anymore) or if I have to live with this issue.

Thanks and have a nice Sunday,

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