[Nix-dev] Stackage Support Will Be Discontinued

Profpatsch mail at profpatsch.de
Fri Jun 10 11:22:45 CEST 2016

On 16-06-09 05:25pm, Anthony Cowley wrote:
> I think that telling users to stick to a single version of nixpkgs and take
> responsibility for cherry-picking individual security and bug fix commits to
> all Haskell and system libraries they depend on is the worst job a package
> management system can do while still calling itself a package manager. I do
> appreciate that you find such a setup appealing, so I'll say no more as this
> is solely your call.

You are free to maintain a repository that keeps all those LTS versions.
The means to do that are freely available and I guess Peter Simons would
happily teach you how to use them. :)

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