[Nix-dev] Check the priority of package in the nix store

Richard Wallace rwallace at thewallacepack.net
Sat Jan 31 21:19:58 CET 2015

Hey folks,

I'm running into some issues with packages conflicting and the priority
seeming to be ignored. I reported it last night thinking it was a problem
with Haskell NG but now think it is something different.

I'm using nix-build to build it locally, copy-nix-closure to copy it to the
machine I want to run it on, and on that remote machine run `nix-env -i`.

In the derivation for the package I've used the `hiPrio` function to make
this new package a higher priority.  When I use the nix-repl and import and
check the value, I can see that the meta.priority is indeed set to -10 as
it should be.  But when `nix-env -i` is run it still complains about the

Is there a way to check the priority of something in the nix-store? Any
ideas why the priority is being ignored and/or lost in this process? Am
there something wrong in my process?
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