[Nix-dev] KDE 5 testers wanted!

Thomas Tuegel ttuegel at gmail.com
Thu Jan 29 15:13:37 CET 2015

Hello again, Nix community,

I am pleased to announce that KDE 5 is available in the nixos-unstable
channel. Specifically, we have stable versions of KDE Frameworks 5.5,
Plasma 5.1.2, and KDE Applications 14.12.1. (We also have testing
versions of Frameworks 5.6 and Plasma 5.2; more on that below.)

To enable KDE 5 in NixOS, simply set:

services.xserver.desktopManager.kde5.enable = true;

in /etc/nixos/configuration.nix. I do not recommend installing KDE 4
and KDE 5 at the same time because some important files have the same
name. However, it is safe to switch back and forth between versions.

The latest KDE Applications will be available from
pkgs.kdeApps_latest; as new versions become available, we will retain
the last stable version as pkgs.kdeApps_stable.

More details are available on the NixOS wiki [1], including how you
can help test Plasma 5.2.

Thomas Tuegel

[1] https://nixos.org/wiki/KDE#How_to_install_KDE_5

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