[Nix-dev] Windowmaker not properly defined.

Berno Strik dutchman55 at gmx.com
Thu Jan 29 12:09:37 CET 2015

New user of NixOS so bare with me.
I'm running NixOS 14.12.


I've noticed that I can not use:
"services.xserver.windowManager.windowmaker.enable = true".
I get the following error:

error: The option 'services.xserver.windowManager.windowmaker' defined 
in '/etc/nixos/configuration.nix' does not exist.

I've tried to do some research and I think this is because in the 
following file:

windowmaker is not defined in the imports.
Can someone please look into this problem or help me find a solution.


Is it also possible to add "libpng" and "libjpeg" to the build inputs.
This is in file 
This allows windowmaker to also use png and jpeg icons. In the current 
build it only supports xpm icons and bitmaps.

Thanks in advance.

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