[Nix-dev] Tracking down dependencies

Rok Garbas rok at garbas.si
Wed Jan 28 20:01:29 CET 2015

Quoting Thomas Bereknyei (2015-01-28 19:23:08)
> During a recent `nixos-rebuild switch --upgrade` I noticed gtk+ being
> downloaded from cache. Is there a quick way to discover what is causing that to
> be needed? [Rather than going through all of my configuration.nix packages
> one-by-one?] This question is also generic, is there a way to do this in
> general?

nix-store -q --tree <nix-store-path-of-drv>

above command will list you dependencies of derivation.  i'm not sure how would
you use this with nixos-rebuild command but i guess there must be a way. just
want to share what i know.

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