[Nix-dev] pulseaudio not reading /etc/pulse/default.pa [Was: pulseaudio broken in 14.12: Daemon already running]

Peter Jones mlists at pmade.com
Tue Jan 27 16:49:44 CET 2015

Kirill Elagin <kirelagin at gmail.com> writes:
> `man default.pa` has to say:
>> The PulseAudio sound server interprets the file
>> ~/.config/pulse/default.pa on startup, and when that file doesn't
>> exist /etc/pulse/default.pa.

I'm embarrassed to admit that through a long series of coincidences and
assumptions this turned out to be my fault.  The final failing
assumption was that pulseaudio would read both the user and system
versions of default.pa.

In the end, pulseaudio works as designed and I was able to have it use
the system version of default.pa and my version by using the following
line at the top of ~/.config/pulse/default.pa:

  .include /etc/pulse/default.pa

Sorry for all the noise.

Peter Jones, Founder, Devalot.com
Defending the honor of good code

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