[Nix-dev] recent calligra breakage - how to prevent?

Marc Weber marco-oweber at gmx.de
Sun Jan 25 13:08:15 CET 2015

We could also introduce nixos style

  executables.krita.checks."--help" = true;
  executables.krita.checks.exists = true;

test -x $out/bin/x
test -x $out/bin/y

Is "duplicate testing code"

  for prog in x y; do

makes it harder to debug what's going on, because shell script will
exit at line foo - its still simple enough

for prog in x y; do
  $out/bin/$prog || { echo "prog $prog is missing"; exit 1 }

is that much code that its worth moving into setup.sh IMHO
which is why I'm asking - because documentation purpose could be helpful
as well.

If in doubt - be simple - but version is best ? ..

For the time beeing I'll keep as is - after all I'm human, the next time
I'll know where to look at if krita is missing.

Marc Weber

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