[Nix-dev] [Haskell NG] Equivalent of the old eval "$configurePhase" && eval "$buildPhase" && eval "$checkPhase" ?

Peter Simons simons at cryp.to
Fri Jan 23 08:57:54 CET 2015

Hi Mateusz,

 >> Does http://permalink.gmane.org/gmane.linux.distributions.nixos/15524 help?
 > Yes though it seems that we now need to update two files when making
 > any changes: default.nix so that we can callPackage it in overrides
 > and such (for example if it's a private package) and shell.nix so
 > that we can enter sane environment.

I'm not sure what you mean. The number of files that you have to change
to accomplish non-standard behavior should not be different from what it
fwas before, i.e. the use of nix-shell certainly shouldn't have gotten
more complicated than it was. Could you please elaborate a little how
you've used nix-shell before and why that particular use-case won't now
work anymore?

 > Previously we could simply cabal2nix into default.nix and from
 > shell.nix callPackage ./. in simple case or add any extra shell-only
 > settings in there. Now it seems that if I add a dependency I need to
 > regenerate both files which is not fun if we have written any
 > customisation. Am I wrong?

Previously, you generated a "default.nix" file with cabal2nix and ran
that from a hand-written "shell.nix" file. Why do you think that this
use-case is no longer possible? What exactly do you mean by
"re-generating both files"?

 > Another downside is that manual use of Setup won't inherit flags
 > specified in the expression: we manually have to --enable-testsuite
 > whereas eval "$configurePhase" would do that for use when doCheck =
 > true;.

It never occurred to me to configure interactive builds with the same
flags Nixpkgs uses, because the default builder sets options that I
wouldn't want ("--prefix=$out") while leaving out flags that I would
want ("--ghc-option=-j"). If you think this is important, then we can
define a shell variable in the interactive environment, say
$configureFlags, that you can pass to "./Setup" or "cabal" during the
configure phase. Would you like that?

Note that you can always use the old-style nix-shell approach and run
the default builder, i.e.:

  $ cabal get haddock
  $ cd haddock-
  $ nix-shell --pure ~/.nix-defexpr -A haskellngPackages.haddock
  $ runHook setupCompilerEnvironmentPhase && runHook jailbreakPhase && runHook compileBuildDriverPhase
  $ eval "$configurePhase" && eval "$buildPhase" && eval "$checkPhase"

We could also add the "runHook setupCompilerEnvironmentPhase ..." bit to
the "nix-shell" variable in the build environment so that these commands
are run automatically when you enter the interactive environment. Does
that sound useful?

I hope this helps,

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