[Nix-dev] Commit access request (Again: Why don't these peoplehave commit access)

Michael Raskin 7c6f434c at mail.ru
Mon Jan 19 23:10:56 CET 2015

>For this kind of thing the contributor involvement is mostly
>"mechanical" and (as I imagine) just requires
>someone going though all PRs, checking if Travis succeeds and the change
>is really trivial and merging them
>en masse. This happens from time to time, but using commit access for
>this if possible is a better thing in my opinion,
>since it lessens the number of such (obviously boring) work for maintainers.

Yes, this is exactly why I asked people to apply for commit access.

That reduces trivial review work for other maintainers and increases the
number of people who are allowed to do trivial review.

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