[Nix-dev] Commit access request (Again: Why don't these peoplehave commit access)

ab ab at fmap.me
Mon Jan 19 22:57:28 CET 2015

I guess we should encourage "merge fast" policy for PRs like that, though
from my experience it is already the case -- if it's just a version bump
of a
package which wouldn't trigger a libreoffice build or so (though
libreoffice depends
on everything so it's a bad metric ^_^), it usually would be merged quickly.

On 01/20/2015 12:51 AM, Michael Raskin wrote:
>> usual, to bother less contributors so that they can focus on
>> more non-trivial things.
> (pessimistically) or at least on another set of trivial but useful
> things!

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