[Nix-dev] Commit access request (Again: Why don't these people have commit access)

Nikolay Amiantov ab at fmap.me
Mon Jan 19 22:46:11 CET 2015

I guess I should use this opportunity to ask for commit access!
I have been reluctant in the past to ask since I'm somewhat
young contributor and even if it wouldn't be the case I still
usually want to be sure that I did everything right though PR review.
Nevertheless I want to go though my packages and do version bumps
in the near future, and I believe this (and things like grammar
fixes) is kind of patches that should be applied more directly than
usual, to bother less contributors so that they can focus on
more non-trivial things.

Thanks for consideration!

On 01/18/2015 06:03 PM, Michael Raskin wrote:
> As usual, this is my list of people with a lot of NixPkgs master
> commits, recent accepted Pull Requests and no commit rights.
> These are github usernames.
> I remind everyone, that even with smaller track record than that
> (I mention those with 50 commits) ikwildrpepper (on IRC; Rob 
> Vermaas otherwise) will likely give commit rights if asked.
> For some of the things I use I don't even try to get inclusion; but
> still, there are a lot of fixes we all need and write where usefulness
> is uncontroversial, so not everything has a reason to go through pull
> requests.
> abbradar 
> aforemny 
> AndersonTorres 
> ehmry 
> grwlf 
> iyzsong 
> MarcWeber 
> matejc 

Nikolay (@abbradar on GitHub).

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