[Nix-dev] Again: Why don't these people have commit access

Luca Bruno lethalman88 at gmail.com
Mon Jan 19 01:53:19 CET 2015

Marc I think it's the general case of more complex PRs. PR that change too
much or add too much tend to be delayed. Not only because they are harder
to test, but also harder to agree on by more people.

Easy PR are in fact faster to be pushed.

Increasing the number of committers is certainly good. Of couse, as a
committer, it's not that you have to always push your own complex stuff,
instead create a PR. You for example you could certainly push commits that
in most cases don't affect much people or that you are ready to revert,
ecc. ecc.

I was never asked for following any rule, except not triggering mass
rebuilds, when got commit access. I tend at committing simple stuff that
don't break, otherwise still create a PR.

Your unfortunate case is that most of your PR are complex or controversial
:P offlinehacker has the same problem, he has different needs and obviously
want to push those needs. And many others.

Also some PR are basically very hard to test for many people. For example
testing new kernel options. Or because committers don't have knowledge on
every field, and thus resilient to push.

Just to say, it's not lack of trust, or being negative. It's lack of time
(or platform) for proper testing and lack of time for proper understanding
(linux is becoming too giant) the consequences of a change.
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