[Nix-dev] per project env conf

Catonano catonano at gmail.com
Thu Jan 15 15:10:52 CET 2015


how do I set a development environment in my project folder ?

Ideally I'd like to deploy the env setup together with the code so people
won't get mad in setting up an env in order to contribute to the project

I set my .nixpkgs/config.nix to

  packageOverrides = pkgs: with pkgs; {
   openArpaEnv = pkgs.myEnvFun {
        name = "openArpa-env";
        buildInputs = with pkgs.python27Packages; [


and it worked

Then I moved .nixpkgs/config.nix to projects/openArpa/default.nix

but I can't build the env anymore.
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