[Nix-dev] NixOS after install no login

MCris mcris at accessmedia.ro
Wed Jan 14 14:26:53 CET 2015

No, the installer ended without a prompt to set the root passwd. I did
not set anything about users (mutableusers or else), as I said.

Thank you, 

From: Jeff Johnson <jefdaj at gmail.com>
Cc: nix-dev at lists.science.uu.nl
Subject: Re: [Nix-dev] NixOS after install no login
Date: Tue, 13 Jan 2015 13:51:43 -0800

For me the installer ended with a prompt for setting the root password,
and then after that I rebooted into the new system. Did you not have

One other possiblity: did you set `users.mutableUsers = false;`? I did
and it locked me out of the system because I hadn't included a hashed
password. Jeff

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