[Nix-dev] Backporting haskell-ng to 14.12

Shea Levy shea at shealevy.com
Thu Jan 8 14:07:57 CET 2015

Hi all,

I’d like to make a case for backporting Peter’s haskell-ng work to 14.12 once it’s merged into master. If I understand correctly, then if a haskell package’s version (and the versions of its dependency closure) stay the same, the haskell-ng branch will result in what is effectively the same package (though there may be minor tweaks that result in a changed outpath), and with the compatibility layer in place the old attribute names will be the same, with the end result that, modulo binary caches, a NixOS configuration that worked before will still work. On the other hand, if we don’t backport haskell-ng, then 14.12 users will miss out on the improved functionality (such as deep overriding) and we will not be able to backport new haskell packages added to master after the switch.

Peter, is my understanding correct? And am I right in thinking that haskell-ng won’t require bumping haskell packages any major versions from what is currently on 14.12?

Peter, and everyone else: Thoughts on this?


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