[Nix-dev] Encrypted root: LUKS over LVM

Nikita Karetnikov nikita at karetnikov.org
Tue Jan 6 23:06:44 CET 2015

> Yes, as James says, you should really mount /mnt first. Mounting /mnt after
> /mnt/boot means that /mnt/boot is seen empty.

Thanks, this made it work.

After changing “/dev/mapper/main” to “/dev/main/main” in the config
file, I was able to boot.  But now the following message appears during
the boot process:

/dev/main/main is mounted.
e2fsck: Cannot continue, aborting.

fsck on /dev/main/main failed.

The workaround is to press ‘*’ twice, which allows it to boot, but there
ought to be a better way.  Ideas?
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