[Nix-dev] KDE with i3 as window manager in NixOS?

Kirill Elagin kirelagin at gmail.com
Mon Jan 5 20:32:31 CET 2015

Ah, then you need some kind of i3 configuration tweaks, this has nothing to
do with KDE.
Again, I can tell only for XMonad an it handles this pretty easily after a
few KDE-specific lines are added to its configuration.

You might be interested in [this thread][1] quick googling gave me; looks
like the first response is exactly what you need. Again, this is a pure i3
configuration issue, so i3 community is the right place to look for
answers. Hope you’ll be able to figure this out successfully!

[1]: http://comments.gmane.org/gmane.comp.window-managers.i3.general/913

On Mon Jan 05 2015 at 9:49:49 PM Matthias Beyer <mail at beyermatthias.de>

> On 05-01-2015 18:22:14, Kirill Elagin wrote:
> >    Just run `plasma-desktop` ;). Feel free to add it to some kind of
> >    autostart!
> I know how to run it. But as the plasma-desktop is the actual
> _desktop_ in KDE, I cannot use i3 _inside_ of it! It is a normal
> window as my terminal, the browser or my pdf reader is. That's the
> point. I want it to be the desktop and everything happening _inside_
> the plasma-desktop!
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