[Nix-dev] hydra.nixos.org stopped scheduling jobs

Eelco Dolstra eelco.dolstra at logicblox.com
Mon Jan 5 16:14:32 CET 2015


On 05/01/15 13:11, Eelco Dolstra wrote:

> On 05/01/15 13:04, Domen Kožar wrote:
>> We could delete some nixos/nixpkgs jobset, as there are many not needed anymore.
> Well, builds for jobsets that are disabled *and* hidden are not kept anyway, so
> it's not necessary to delete them.

I've now hidden some disabled jobsets, so that should cause a lot of stuff to be

(Actually I don't remember *why* jobsets need to be disabled *and* hidden rather
than just disabled...)

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