[Nix-dev] hydra.nixos.org stopped scheduling jobs

Eelco Dolstra eelco.dolstra at logicblox.com
Mon Jan 5 11:26:15 CET 2015


On 04/01/15 14:21, Peter Simons wrote:

>  > It seems building OK now. I don't know if anyone has intervened...
> Hydra builds a couple of hundred packages per day, but it does so at a
> snails pace. 

The queue gets stopped automatically when free disk space drops below a certain
level (10 GB or so), which is happening all the time now. Apparently the garbage
collector cannot reclaim enough disk space anymore, suggesting we have too many
roots (i.e. active Nixpkgs/NixOS jobsets). The Nix store on that machine has 3.6
TB of disk space BTW.

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