[Nix-dev] Can't get anything to build on Mac OS X

John Wiegley johnw at newartisans.com
Thu Jan 1 18:29:04 CET 2015

>>>>> Michael Sperber <sperber at deinprogramm.de> writes:

> I'll give it a try.  What's the difference between these repos?

> https://github.com/copumpkin/nixpkgs
> https://github.com/joelteon/nixpkgs

> Or, alternatively, which one should I use?

copumpkin (Dan Peebles) is working on the "next gen" Darwin support, where we
build with a totally pure build environment, allowing for reproducible builds
across machines of the same OS version.  The joelteon (Joel Taylor) branch is
what you should be using today, if you are less adventurous.

Once we get joelteon's stuff merged into the mainline, attention will shift to
copumpkin's branch as the next best thing for Darwin.


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