[Nix-dev] Why does fetchgit not look at the URL to determinethe cache location?

Michael Raskin 7c6f434c at mail.ru
Thu Jan 1 13:56:59 CET 2015

>>Shouldn’t fetchgit build the hash from URL and rev, as opposed to the
>>provided hash? Or am I doing it wrong?
>I think adding the rev to output hash is a good idea, but not the URL. URL can change without changing fetchgit's output. (Well, rev can too, but I think that's less common)
>But I'm not sure if this can be implemented without adding a file with the rev to the output (or extending fixed-output derivations).

Well, adding the revision to the name by default would fix most cases.

But I just randomly change a single letter in the hash when copying a
fetchgit block.

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